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Connect Youth

Connect Youth is a student ministry that focuses on the next generation of students from 6th to 12th grades and their families. Our ministry serves and teaches each youth so that each member can experience a full Christian faith and live a gospel-centered life as an individual and as one body in Christ.


Our children are important members of the Connect Church that will continue the kingdom of God.

At the Connect church, we teach what it is like to love God and love our neighbor.


at Highcroft Drive Elementary School

10:30 AM   Small Group Bible Study

11:30 AM   Sunday Worship


at Church Office

7:00 — 9:00 PM

  • 2nd & 4th week: Bible Study

  • 3rd week: Game & Fellowship

 Fun Events   Bible Reading Group, Lock-in, Summer & Winter Retreats, Picnic, Outdoor Activities


  • TCC Kids & TCC Youth:

Children's Ministry and Youth Ministry are looking for volunteers for Sunday teachers! Please contact Pastor Chris if you are interested!

  • Winter Retreat at NCYC:

Prices for NCYC have come out!
Early Registration (10/3-11/23): $185
Regular Registration (11/24-12/9): $200
Late Registration (12/10-12/22): $220
NCYC Registration:

Please send registration fee to The Connect Church.

  • Please check the weekly bulletin for all of this week's announcements.

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