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Korean Bible with Pen and Notes

This Week's QT Passages

The Connect Church encourages that all(adults, young adults, youth, kids) church members have a daily QT (Quiet Time) reading the Bible passages below.

For QT:

  • Should decide time and have a designated place.

  • Should have a Bible and prepare to take notes.

  • Should recite the passages out loud quietly and repeatedly.

  • Should have a deep fellowship with the holy spirit.

  • The process is more important than the result.

QT Steps:

  1. Praise

  2. Confession (of sin, of faith, of love)

  3. Reading and Meditating (Read the Bible repeatedly - 3 times; Read different versions of Bible; Obedient reading; Keep asking questions; Get into the passages)

  4. Application (take notes - be specific, realistically possible, and personal - using "I")


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